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Ocean pine essential oil (30ml) 100% pure, natural and organic. Latin name: Pinus pinaster. Used part: resin, needle. Chemotypes: ab pinene, b-caryophyllene. Dark glass bottle. Dropper cap. Low heat distilled by water steam using the artisan method. Food grade.

Properties: Expectorant (respiratory), immunostimulant, circulatory. The Bol d'air Jacquier device uses Ocean pine for better body oxygenation, and delays cell aging. Ideal for winter / prevent cold (strengthens immunity). Avoid if epilepsy and problems with kidneys. Avoid if pregnant, breastfeeding women, and children under 8 years old. Avoid eyes, ears. . Handcrafted in Biarritz, France. Artisan quality. Origin of ingredients: France. Eco-friendly packaging.

Pine oil spray 30ml

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