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Aromatherapy Wellbeing creates "signature" cosmetics for hotels and spas, and personalized gifts to offer to special guests and loyal customers. Be original.

Our products come from organic agriculture, whose ingredients are based on natural vegetal oil and essential oil (concentrate) of aromatic plants, fruits, wood bark, seeds, roots, and flowers . 100% natural, pure and produced from low heat water based distillation which guarantees higher quality of the product.

Distillation, design and bottling are carried out in the south of France .

Some of our products are food grade such as lavender or rosemary essential oil and for cosmetics use such as sprays for diffusion in hotel rooms.

Aromatherapy wellbeing offers customized bottles to thank customers differently.

Aromatherapy wellbeing products can be distributed through spas, wellness centers, and hotel lobbies.
Aromatherapy wellbeing proposes consultations to create spa signature oils for massages in wellness centers.


Massage à l'huile


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