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Our training, our services!

Discover the fundamentals of essential oils as well as our homemade cosmetic workshops!

Find all of our different regularly updated training courses to learn more about essential oils and their properties! Once the training is archived, you can find it in our "PODCAST" tab so that you don't miss anything on the properties of our oils as well as on the techniques for managing your ailments.

Our courses are provided by Johan Lorrain, aromatherapist, and revolve around several axes:

     -  Les solutions à vos maux (insomnie, rétention d'eau, problèmes digestive, stress, management of emotions) through natural solutions

     -   The virtues and benefits of certain essential oils that can improve your daily life (lavender for sleep, etc.)

     -   Various benefits of natural essential oils (sanitize my home, corporate wellness seminar, burn out prevention, treat animals, etc....

You will discover through our training the benefits of alternative medicine articulated around natural medicinal plants while having available high quality products promising efficiency and eco-responsibility. The design technique with gentle heat distillation ensures the high quality of our handcrafted products.

The homemade cosmetic workshops as well as the learning of the fundamental essential oils allow a healthier way of life.

Discover our past training in the form of a podcast!


Webinar training

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