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Roll-on with 100% pure, natural, organic and complete sweet orange essence. Latin name: Citrus sinensis. Capacity 5ml. Glass bottle with roll-on applicator. used part: fruit peel. Chemotypes: Limonene. Dark glass bottle. Roll-on applicator for easy use. Gentle heat distillation using steam using the traditional method. Properties: Powerful relaxant (insomnia/stress/emotion), skin regenerative, after sun (but avoid exposure to the sun, citrus fruits are photosensitizing), tired and wrinkled skin like grapefruit or tangerine. Precaution: Do not ingest, avoid eyes, ears, Prohibited for pregnant, lactating women and children under 6 years of age. Handcrafted in the Basque Country in France . Origin of ingredients: Mexico.

Sweet orange roll on

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