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produits de beauté naturels
Creator of scents

Aroma Wellbeing creates organic essential oils and natural products since 2020. Focus is on product quality, efficiency and environment.

Our products are produced ethically from low heat water based distillation in the south of France in Biarritz.

We provide courses and online DIY classes every tuesday

for learning how to use safely the oils, their virtues for body

and how to craft your own cosmetics at home.  




100% Natural

Slow Distilled


What is aromatherapy?

It is a medicine of the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian civilizations, who used aromatic plants and their essences (immune and hormonal system of the aromatic plant) in order to balance, stimulate, soothe the systems of the human body, and thus preventing physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

This non-invasive therapy utilizes aromatic plants for treatment.

Plague pandemics in the Middle Ages were treated with aromatic plants (see the "duck beak mask story" and "vinegar of the 4 thieves" under French King Louis XIII and his doctor Delorme).

Yoga at Home

Why & how to use organic essential oils?

Our quality essential oils are perfect for those suffering from insomnia, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, loss of memory, digestive ailments,  respiratory issues, inflammations, skin rashes and so on.

Essential oils can be use for supporting all body systems. Major properties are anti bacteria, anti virus, anti parasite, stimulating, relaxing, skin regenerative, air purifier and so on. HOW to use it safely? You can use it in your diffuser or burner: pour 3 drops into the diffuser. You can also use it internally: mix 1 drop with a teaspoon of honey. And, you can use on skin, mix 1 drop with skincare products. You can also use in the bath, pour 10 drops into bath with bath products. And you can spray it in rooms, in cars, on clothes, on skin (chest). Caution: Pregnant, breastfeeding women shall not use, as well as Children under 3 and epilectics. if you are not sure, please contact us or an health professional.

Our founder

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Johan was born in France in 1983 and received an education in his country and abroad in business. His attraction towards preventative medicine came about his experience in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan between 2009 to 2020.

He is Aromatherapy certified from the "Institut Provençal d'Aromatologie du Luberon" in France, and he holds a Master's degree in international trade (Rennes, France). Johan collaborates with the french oxygenation method "Bol d'Air Jacquier".

He has interest in human psychology, and how values shape our life. He received Sophrology training in Bayonne, France, and has an active practice. Sophrology harmonizes consciousness through relaxation exercises inspired by existential phenomenology.


He fell seriously ill after a period of overwork (burnout) in 2015 while working in Hong Kong and had to travel all over the world for is occupation. At that time, I discovered the virtues of essential oils, and the importance of nutrition.

The core of his work is to help regain physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Johan specializes in stress management for corporates, and human resources through wellness workshops, He currently lives in Biarritz, France.


Tired? Chronic stress? Allergy? Stuffy nose?
Breathe ocean pine essential oil 3 min/day with the french method Bol d'Air Jacquier. Rent it at home or buy it. 
Send an email to  / Telephone: (33) 


Johan accompanies corporations and their managers in their decision-making process based on their values systems. Stress management and employee wellness at work and values are explored to construct the right path to long term company success.

It offers workshops to prevent burnout at work. Themes such as the employee’s lack of adherence to company values, crisis management, loss of motivation are addressed during coaching sessions.

Concept store & french bistrot  - Singapore & France

Founded in Singapore, the Merci Marcel group has multiple locations combining a fashionable boutique and a quality restaurant. Their first restaurant in France recently opened in Bordeaux, France. Aroma wellbeing wellness products are available for sale in their Singapore store.

Atlantic Therapies is located in Anglet and offers hypnosis, psychotherapy and EMDR sessions.

Fabienne Dumoret accompanies you to help you find in you the resources to initiate change, take on a challenge or achieve a goal. This accompaniment can be related to a particular situation, a punctual suffering, a desire to overcome a recurrent behavior or a problem that affects your balance, your personal development or simply your happiness.

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Marc Menard is a certified personal development coach and a French entrepreneur. He is the author of a book entitled "All For a Purpose". So far, he has lived in 7 countries: France, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Lebanon, Cyprus and Dubai, where he has owned, developed and managed several companies in the fields of health insurance, investment migration, project development and fundraising. He believes that his goal in life is to give people the tools they need to work on themselves while educating them. With these tools, everyone can progress and achieve the greatest satisfaction in all areas of their lives.


French Pétanque venue to enhance your business seminars, evenings, lounges, staff days, and your weddings and birthdays. Founded in 2015 in France, ready for entertaining your staff, enjoying long-term rentals throughout France. 

100% customer satisfaction:

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“I have been using the “Hydration” therapeutic oil blend since November 2020 and my skin is no longer dry! It smells amazing, and I continue to recommend refills of these oil blends. Johan's training webinars are informative, and interesting. You learn a lot and you can use this knowledge in your daily life! »

Airi, United States of America 
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